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You’ll come around some day… We all did…

You know what it means when you had one mindset and group of opinions and beliefs as a kid, and then to have completely different ones as an adult? It means you were a stupid fucking kid and still are just as stupid…

To tell me that I’ll get over it, that what I think now I won’t think the same in 10 years, that’s fuckin’ insulting. Not every teenager is stupid. I’m not as stupid as you were/are. Fuck you! My beliefs are rooted strongly enough to never change, at least not that easily…

Stubbing out progress where seeds are sewn,
Killing off anything that’s not quite known,
Sitting around in a nice safe home,
Waiting for the witch hunt…
Idle plans for the idol rich,
Knitting the economy not dropping a stitch,
Destroying anything that doesn’t quite fit,
Waiting for witch hunt…

The Mob

Zac Efron can never be not hot…



(via hydro-doc)

So we gon’ smoke an ounce ta this;
G’s up, hoes down, while you motherfuckas bounce ta this…

I understand that we all have different music tastes…but god damn my friends suck…

Said no to a FIVE DOLLAR Supervillains show to do nothing better.
Turned down NOFX because they’re probably weird music.(Literally said probably. Never even listened to them…)
Turned down the fucking dropkick Murphys to save up for Mayhem Fest tickets? NO ONE’S EVEN PLAYING AT MAYHEM! Korn is the only good band, and Korn hasn’t made a good song in years.

I’LL take you to a good fuckin’ show…..if only you were less of a one-type-of-music, close-minded tool…

Guarantee you my friends just like to SAY that they love concerts. Most(the one saving for Mayhem included) have never even been to a concert and listen to music that all sounds the same(and isn’t even good.)

Wanna go see Cerebral Ballzy? Kill Lincoln? Goldfinger? White Lung? Weezer? Cake? Tegan and Sara? OFF!? Against Me? Areolas? OK Go? Flogging Molly? Primus? Violent Femmes? Cage the Elephant?

Shaggy, The Bots, Motherfucking ANYTHING???

I love my friends but Jesus Christ they suck…

Friends with benefits is fine if you don’t feel shit for the other person.

A mutual interest in fucking each other and genuinely liking/loving somebody are two very different things…

Drugs make you feel depressed and low kids…
So, when you feel depressed and low ANYWAY, and you will…DON’T do drugs, even though by that logic it wouldn’t really make a difference…

Maybe I won’t go to college after all…I have a terrible, terrible work ethic, I want nothing more than to live with a roommate or 2 in a mediocre apartment working in a coffee shop or something, and you don’t need a college degree for that job, and I’ll just wind up $60,000 MORE in debt, and for WHAT? Nothing, because I want nothing. There is no logic in fucking myself over more for no reason.
If I were one of those “I don’t want a job, I want a CAREEEER!”, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” assholes, then it would make sense, because I’d be working my entire life to get a “better” profession, making more and more money, and paying back all my debts as best I can.
If I want a shitty-mediocre apartment in New England with one or 2 of my friends, never marry, never have kids, and never work more than I have to to afford rent, food, drugs, gas, and concert tickets, then really what would be the point in paying a shitload of money to do work I don’t wanna fuckin’ do for 4 more years, just to drop back down again? That doesn’t seem like a good use of my time or money to me…

I’ll consider it…

To any kids out there(or unfortunate 15+ year olds) who haven’t had their first kiss yet: don’t try and make it perfect.

As stupid as making any number kiss perfect is, trying to make your first kiss perfect is the stupidest. They are overhyped…9 times out of 10 it won’t even be good and you’ll probably like every kiss after it much much more. My first kiss was on my couch and it totally sucked ass. If anything, make your 5th kiss perfect. You should be good good enough to make it not totally embarrassing for both of you by then…

You’re opening the door to the corridor stretching to the left,
Anger within my eyes, but the truth is on my chest.
I am just a man who wants revenge and I confess:
I am full of rage and sin;
Locked inside this cage again,
Where evil reigns ‘cause people like to win,
It may seem sweet, but we won’t like the end,
So we shine brightly from the light within…

Infected Mushroom

If you have a chocolate bunny and you DON’T eat the ears and head first, you are a Nazi and I hope you die.

Happy Easter!

Tupac, take me awayyyyy…..


Hey sexy lady! I like your flooow!
Your body’s bangin’! Out of controoool!

You put it on me! Ceiling to flooor!
Only you can me! Scream and beg for mooooore!